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Sunday, December 25, 2011

kenape ISLAM tak boleh wish chistmas ?

David: Morning.. what a great day..
Muslim: Morning.. so, hows ur Christmas?
David: Great.. will be enjoying very soon...
Muslim: Good..
David: No wish for me?
Muslim: Islam respects the non Muslim, but to greet other religion is not allowed.
David: But why?
Muslim: Seems like we can't stop u to drink liquor, but we can't drink it..
David: But many of Muslim did wish for me..
Muslim: Can you confess our confession of faith? (syahadah)?
David: No!..Cannot!.. It will effect my faith..
Muslim: But why? just a word..:) say it.. :)
David: Now i understand :)

now we can understand it , right ?

kalau wish pown dah boleh melunturkan iman kite ,
macam mane pulak iman saudare ISLAM kite yang menyambut perayaan tu ?
fikir2 kan lahh..

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