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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

stop blogging !

hello there ..,
im sorry for take a long time to write back ! 
hmm ,after a long time ,i think i dont have time ,mood , story or anything interesting to share with all of you now.
that is becoz i can't upload the pictures from my own camera to this blog .and i dont know whats the problem ! maybe its becoz of setting .
its ruin my mood to share what happen in my life .yes ,there is a lot of story but the entry can't be interesting without pictures right ..
so here have an announcement !
i make a desicion to stop blogging for a while ...until the problem settled !
thanks ..

much love,ASMAA .


Anonymous said...

salam.hey, nice blog :)
keep blogging. I'll wait for your next update soon.

Asmaa Ali said...

Insya ALLAH :)
Thanks buddy !

Anonymous said...